Another Latvian gambling operator sues state


The Constitutional Court of Latvia is the second filed a case against the decision of the authorities. The lawsuit was filed by the gaming operator due to a temporary prohibition of gambling operations in the country.

 Online gambling was banned in Latvia in April this year after in the Diet were developed by explanations concerning the state of emergency related to the pandemic coronavirus.

 Initially, the bill dealt with the closing of land gambling sites, and the position of the operators of online gambling has been unclear. However, later the authorities still decided that the work of the online segment is also subject to a suspension of action gaming operator licenses temporarily inoperative.

 May 8, the Constitutional Court initiated proceedings, the plaintiff which made the country the gambling operator – Optibet Enlabs. The company said that the government’s decision violates Article 105 of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, which governs the right to property. For more information about the position of the operator can be found in our separate article.

 A few days later it initiated a second lawsuit, this time from the company Novomatic and online operator Alfor Group, managed platform Admirāļu Klubs.

 Representatives of the gambling operators also appeal to a violation of several articles of the Constitution. Including article 91, which stipulates that everyone is equal before the law.

 Latvian Saeima was asked to provide explanations in the case Enlabs until July 8 and Alfor – until 12 July.

 Recall that in the first quarter of this year, the Latvian authorities collected 84.2% of the tax liability to gambling operators. Details – in the material.

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