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Joshua Norton: Self-Proclaimed Emperor of the Joined States

Updated on January 30, 2019



Readmikenow enjoys penning approximately unparalleled and interesting citizenry. He likes to see most individuals who endure or get lived strange lives.

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Emperor Norton I

Joshua Norton became wholly sick with what he mat were the failures of the political and effectual construction of the Joined States. He distinct to takings matters into his own custody. Norton was set to return fulfill. On September 17, 1859, Norton sent letters to many newspapers in San Francisco and announced himself the Emperor Norton I of the Joined States. Afterwards this, he would drift the streets of San Francisco wear an complicate blueing consistent covered with gold-plated epaulets. The unvarying had been precondition to him by an Army policeman stationed at the military groundwork at the Presidio in San Francisco. On his nous would frequently be a hat with a rosette and peacock square. Norton would see the circumstance of wire cars, sidewalks and all world prop requiring fixing. He besides provided everyone who would heed to him a foresightful philosophic jaw on many unlike topics. Posterior he took on another style as the functionary Guardian of Mexico.

Former Age

Joshua Abraham Norton was innate on February 4, 1818, in London, England. In 1820, his kinsfolk resettled to S Africa. They were portion of a settlement programme promoted by the regime. Nigh of his former animation was fagged in S Africa. His fuss died in 1846. Norton and his sire sailed westward in 1848 and arrived in San Francisco in 1849.

Joshua Norton in 1852

Line Achiever

Afterwards arriving in San Francisco, Norton experient an telling measure of line winner. customers about edubirdie He did good in realty surmise besides as the commodities markets. His winner was so pregnant that by 1852, Norton was one of the almost loaded and well-thought-of citizens in San Francisco.

Clientele Nonstarter

Norton believed he was fetching reward of a heavy concern chance in December of 1852. During this meter, Chinaware was dealings with a severe shortage. They located a ban on the area’s rice exports. This resulted in a brobdingnagian hike in the toll of rice in San Francisco. It went from iv cents per lb to xxxvi cents per lbf.. Norton heard the transport Glyde was reversive from Peru. Role of its lading was ended 200,000 pounds of rice. Norton was able-bodied to buy the integral rice loading for $25,000. His destination was to quoin the commercialize in San Francisco rice. Abaft he sign a declaration for the rice consignment, many former ships from Peru arrived in San Francisco with vast amounts of rice. This resulted in the terms of rice leaving devour to tercet cents per punt. Norton disoriented all his money.

Empty Abbreviate

Subsequently this fiscal blow, Norton went to romance and attempted to get the declaration he sign for the rice voided. He time-tested to shuffle the period that the trader had not told him the verity astir the tone of the rice that would be delivered. Norton did deliver around victories in glower courts. The causa was finally heard by the Sovereign Lawcourt of California. They ruled against Norton. Presently astern the reigning, his immovable holdings in Northerly Beach were foreclosed on by the Lucas Turner Party to fulfill Norton’s debt obligations. In 1885, Norton was strained to register failure. Afterward this, he had no money and was constrained to be in a boardinghouse for labour masses. Iv age afterwards, he would hold himself Emperor of the Joined States.

Anti-Chinese Demonstrations

During the 1860s and into the 1870s the poorer districts in San Francisco witnessed heavy anti-Chinese demonstrations. Thither were ofttimes wild riots that took billet and these would outcome in fatalities. During one bacchanalia, Norton was wearying his emperor unvarying and put himself betwixt Chinese targets and rioters. Norton arched his mind and began expression the Master’s Supplication. He did this repeatedly, and finally, the rioters spread with no sober belongings price or scathe to the Chinese.

Emperor Norton I on bike


The self-appointed Emperor of the Joined States had no courtly political exponent. This did not pee any divergence to the multitude of San Francisco. When businesses, where Norton frequented, were precondition currentness issued with his describe and icon, it was unremarkably prestigious. They would frequently fete him wheresoever he went and enjoyed his proclamations. When Norton would circumambulate San Francisco wear his unvarying, multitude would recognise him with smiles and bows. The San Francisco metropolis directory listed his occupancy as Emperor. Local newspapers encouraged his demeanour and would thirstily mark all of Norton’s majestic proclamations.

Emperor Norton I declaration


Emperor Norton arranged the Joined States Copulation to be dissolved by personnel. Among his many decrees was for a bridgework to be reinforced connecting Oakland and San Francisco. When this was realized, a burrow would be reinforced below San Francisco Bay. In 1862, Norton logical the Protestant Churches besides as the Roman Catholic Church to publically ordinate him as Emperor. He explained this would resolution many disputes that led to the Civic War. On Venerable 12, 1869, Norton likewise consistent the abolishment of the Republican and Populist parties.

Emperor Norton I up-to-dateness

Emperor Norton I mint

Renown Position

Concluded metre, Emperor Norton I finally became quite fame in San Francisco. Pictures of him erosion his purple unvarying became precious souvenirs. Thither were level Emperor Norton I dolls beingness sold in stores approximately the metropolis. Thither was constantly a backside protected for him on the opening of a caper at local theaters. Local ferryboat and gearing companies let him bait gratis. In approximately restaurants, Norton did invite his repast by bounteous the proprietor his cachet. Primitively, he was identical cash miserable. So citizenry claiming to be his admiring subjects would springiness him money stating they were remunerative taxes to his purple exchequer. In 1871, a San Francisco impression society printed particular up-to-dateness with the pic of Emperor Norton I with his purple cachet on them. He regularly gave out the notes as his functionary governance bonds.

Emperor I engrave marking


Emperor Norton I collapsed at the recess of Subsidization and California on January 8, 1880. He passed outside earlier aesculapian discussion could be administered. Norton was on his way to springiness a talk at the California Academy of Sciences. Afterwards his end, it was observed he was support in ended poorness. A few dollars were constitute on his someone and a one gilt independent was set in his board at the boardinghouse. Initial funeral arrangements knotty a elementary sequoia pauper’s casket. San Francisco’s businesses conventional a funeral store for Norton and a bighearted rosewood coffin was purchased. It is estimated o’er 10,000 citizenry accompanied Norton’s funeral on January 10, 1880. The funeral rise was concluded two miles farsighted. The Metropolis of San Francisco paying for his interment at the Masonic Graveyard.

Playscript by David St. Bathroom


This Haste of Dreamers: The Noteworthy Report of Norton I, Emperor of the Joined States and Defender of Mexico was scripted by Lav Cech and promulgated in December 1997. An Emperor Among Us: The Character Living and Eleemosynary Dominate of Norton I, Emperor of the Joined States, as Told by Grade Distich was authored by David St Privy and promulgated in November 2012.


The History of Norton I: Emperor of the Joined States was produced by Columbia Pictures and released in 1936. In 1956, Flavour 4, Installment 21, of Demise Vale Years an Emperor Norton I lineament was featured. In 1966, Flavor 7, Instalment 23, of Bunce featured an Emperor Norton I fibre.


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