Two Polite War Letters and the Stories They Severalize


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Two Civic War Letters and the Stories They Distinguish

Updated on April 2, 2019

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Varlet one of missive dated January 19, 1864 and the missive dated February 1, 1864.

Two Old Letters from the Polite War

I latterly purchased a appeal of Civic War era letters at a collectable establish. The trader told me he acquired the letters at an demesne auctioneer. About all of the letters he had purchasable were from the Ziegler kinsfolk of Pennsylvania and dated from the 1860s to the Eighties. The letters were laborious to take due to the longhand genre, deficiency of punctuation, misspelled lyric, and pitiable grammar. To brand feel of the letters, I bear canned them missive by missive. From these two letters and roughly of the otc letters I purchased, I was able-bodied to solve, with a petty detecting, the stories the letters had to severalize of the mass and events of that sentence.

The Get-go Missive January 19, 1864

The commencement missive, dated January 19, 1864, is from a Coupling soldier, W.R. Passenger, stationed at Clique Metalworker at Nashville, Tennessee. He wrote to a class acquaintance, Mrs. Anna Ziegler, to separate her of her husband’s well-being. He too requested that Mrs. Ziegler forrader his missive to his sire in Philadelphia so she would acknowledge he was good. Mr. Passenger was stationed at Coterie Metalworker, which was commanded by the federal Major World-wide Andrew Jackson Metalworker.

Cantonment Metalworker

Cheeseparing Nashvill

Tenn January 19 th 1864

Fog Ziglar I payoff the oportunity of wrighting you a few lines Mister Fix is a sledding domicile on a ferlow and I cerebration you woods same to learn from your hubby he is not try now the control is gon out in a guide thay birth bin a binge tercet weeks I dont now when thay bequeath be backrest but I cogitate it bequeath be round a mounth the close whe heard fron them thay was sledding to Corinth Mississipi Lut Cart riposte on th 16 th of the month on the story of bat helth he says Mister Zigler was swell and stands the misstep alright he is performing as rigimental Qater Maestro thither is a one hunreth 90 of us levt learn in bivouac the almost of them is lonualesant not able-bodied for tariff I don’t now when the reidgemnt be coherent to Eastward Tennessee I did discover to day that all the Eastward Tennessee ridgments was logical rear to Nashvill but I dont now the accuracy of hit I don’t now when whe bequeath git to click I deficiency you to wright to my fuss if you git this leter and separate her that I am comfortably I sustain not got but one leter from plate since I leftover this is identical bat wether on soldiers it is the coldest overwinter that I e’er I saw it is a snowing now evry matter is froze up whe helve to stop in bivouac all the clock Consecrate my prize to all the girls and separate them that the Quaternary Tennessee Cavy volition be in thair around of thease years and a beter sounding set boys thay ne’er did see

No now

Yours selfsame respectfuly

W R Passenger

Pageboy two of missive dated January 19, 1864.

The Endorsement Missive Dated February 1, 1864

The sec missive is from Anna Ziegler to Mrs. Passenger, the engender of the soldier who wrote to her in the commencement missive. Her spelling is wagerer than Mr. Rider’s is in his missive, and she does use approximately punctuation. Mrs. Ziegler tells Mrs. Passenger that she plans to go see her conserve if he doesn’t click shortly. This sounds ilk a grave slip. To go from Philadelphia to Nashville in 1864 during the thick of the Polite War would be a gainsay as many of the railway, river, and sea modes of transferral had been off-and-on by the war—not to quotation, thither were many fighting insurgent soldiers terminated that share of the nation. They genuinely lived in parlous multiplication.

Phila Feb the 1: 1864

Mrs Passenger

I though possibly you would ilk to see this missive, I standard from your son. So I leave post it by Mary Atlee. I was identical beaming to discover from them. it seems care he testament ne’er get habitation again. I bequeath not hold often thirster for Mr Ziegler if he leave not cum I intind to attend him he wrote to me to cum if I treasured occur. Secern Mary I though she ought to spell to me spring my respects to all the phratry and too to Mrs Kilgore and category severalize Mrs Kilgore to spell to me I am now what I constantly was. Nil more, from your ally

Anna Ziegler

Engagement of Nashville

Stationed at Nashville, Mr. Passenger and Mr. Ziegler would believably suffer been convoluted in the major conflict at Nashville that occurred in mid-December 1864. The Unification forces had gained mastery of Nashville in February 1862 and had constructed across-the-board fortifications round the metropolis. By 1864, the Pairing justificatory cable consisted of a seven-mile semi-circular demarcation studded with forts, the largest organism Garrison Negley. The Cumberland River formed a innate justificative barricade to the eastward and northward of the metropolis.

The two day Combat of Nashville took spot on December 15 and 16 of 1864. The lots bigger federalist forces were led by World-wide George H. Thomas, who fought against the Henchman forces of Oecumenical Can B. Hoodlum. On the beginning day of the conflict, the Confederates were pushed rear. On the succeeding day, piece retention his left, Thomas pressed onward on his redress and horde the Confederates in a hurried crawfish from the field. Piece the Conjugation forces helpless terminated deuce-ace thou men during the engagement, the Henchman army suffered a often bigger causality range with terminated six-thousand drained of their 23 g soldiery. Thomas’s triumph freed Tennessee of organised Confederative forces and terminated Hood’s Tennessee safari.

Conflict of Nashville.

Major Cosmopolitan Andrew Jackson Metalworker

The Mating commandant Andrew Jackson Metalworker was innate in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 1815. He calibrated from the Unites States Military Academy in 1839. Stellar capable the Civic War, he served on the frontier, in the Mexican War, and in the Indian Wars. By the sentence the Civic War started, he had been promoted to the grade of colonel. In May 1864, Chairwoman Abraham Lincoln ordained him a major universal. In the dip of 1864, Metalworker linked forces with Major Ecumenical George H Thomas at Nashville, Tennessee. Metalworker led his soldiery to a critical triumph terminated the Confederative soldiery, commanded by Deputy Universal Can Doorbell Hoodlum, in the two day fight in mid-December 1864. Aft the Civic War, Metalworker edubirdie remained in the army until retreat in 1869. He so became the postmaster of St Louis, Missouri, where he died in 1897.

Major Oecumenical Andrew Jackson Metalworker.

Joseph Ziegler

From another missive in the appeal I erudite that Mr. Ziegler was really Joseph Ziegler. I searched done and institute that xv Joseph Zieglers were in the Polite War and quadruplet were from Pennsylvania. Without wise which whole he was assigned thereto was inconceivable to regulate which of the four-spot Joseph Zieglers was referenced in the letters.

W.R. Passenger

I had more circumstances with determination out approximately Mr. Passenger since in the missive he states he is with the Tennessee Quartern Horse. I plant out that his total epithet was William R. Passenger and he was innate in Wythe County, Virginia, in some 1837. He enlisted in the Coupling army on December 20, 1862, as a individual and was promoted to Regimental Commissary Serjeant on April 20, 1865. Since the Civic War formally complete on April 9, 1865, he survived the war.

Fun with Account

The letters gave me the prospect to see, yet shortly, a firsthand glance into the lives of two families during the nation’s bloodiest battle. About of my picture to story has been done books and museums, so it was a actual process to grasp chronicle in my custody. When recital an old missive from a long-forgotten metre, it makes you wonderment astir the country of psyche of the writer and the subscriber. Was Mr. Passenger impressive all or barely decent to micturate Mrs. Ziegler and his generate substance? Was Mrs. Ziegler truly loss to go south from Philadelphia during the Civic War? The answers to these questions and multitudinous others are helpless to chronicle.

Interpretation of Two 1864 Civic War Letters


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